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Audi A6
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Audi A6 (1997 – 2004 C5 Platform)

The A6 C5 chassis is probably one of the most diverse platforms ever offered by Audi.  This chassis encompasses everything, from the utility-based All Road to the fire breathing RS6 luxury hot rod.  With so many different models included in the line up, Audi had to make sure they included everything for everyone.  Our only question is: did they really have to include that giant wheel gap?

Fortunately for us, they did decide to give the A6 the ground clearance of a mid-size pickup, and fortunately for you, we threw out that idea and put together a killer air suspension to give your Audi the ground-hugging stance it deserves.  However, we were not satisfied with just going low.  We wanted to go low without the compromises that you have to endure by using more conventional lowering methods.  Sure, coil springs and coilovers will get you low, but do you really want to scrape up your ride everywhere you go, or end up with a stiff back from driving your luxury car? Of course not. That’s why the Air Lift Performance team of engineers designed this kit to not only go low, but to give you excellent ride quality AND the ability to carve corners that Audi never imagined would be possible!

To start things off, the front monotube threaded body shock is topped off with a smooth riding double-bellow air spring to allow the front end to drop 4.25′ from stock with the push of a button.  Thirty different levels of damping will give you the option of a luxury-smooth ride or race-car-stiff and everything in between with just a simple twist of the knob.   Red anodized end-caps keep the rubber air spring connected to the black, chromed shock bodies.

For the rear, a progressive rate sleeve style air spring was mounted to a 30-way adjustable, threaded body, monotube shock allowing the rear to become 5.98′ closer to the pavement. Since the front shocks turned out so well, we decided to use the same recipe for the rear, utilizing the same sexy red end-caps mated to black chromed shocks.  Coupled with the front suspension, this is the lowest, best performing, no-compromise suspension you can put on your A6/C5.

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