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Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z (2003 – 2008)

If you own a Nissan 350Z, then you appreciate all of the things that make up a sportscar: great handling, sexy looks and striking, characteristic engine sounds!  The Z has a great heritage, and is a solid platform to build a modified car.  When it comes to lowering your ride, you have plenty of choices out there…but the problem is: none of those other options have the versatility to get you the lowest slam height possible AND the handling that you expect from a sports car. That leaves you with only the best option: Air Lift Performance.

Air Lift Performance has created the perfect suspension kit to tear up a racetrack, power through country back roads, or just stop people dead in their tracks at a show.  As the leader in aftermarket high-performance air suspension, we know what it takes to perfectly balance ride, handling, and stunning good looks.  The engineering team involved in the design and development of these kits is made up of real car guys with over 35 years of road racing experience as drivers, engineers, and crew members. Performance is not just in our name; it’s in our blood.

So what does it take to have such a versatile suspension?  It all starts with having a strong foundation.  In this case, the struts: Air lift uses 30-way adjustable, monotube struts—with a serious range of damping adjustment—that have been specially tuned to match the air springs. 

Monotube construction is the preferred choice—both in racing and for us—due to its sensitivity to small inputs, as well as its great ability to shed heat when pushed to the limit.  The 30 clicks of adjustment aren’t just for fun, but allow you to dial in your preferred handling or desired ride quality.  The range goes from super-stiff to exceptionally soft, adjusting rebound and compression simultaneously. The struts weigh considerably less than the coil spring parts you remove, reducing unsprung weight—a benefit to both ride and handling.

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