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CC (2009 – 2014 4 Motion)

CC (2009 – 2014 4 Motion)

Does the wheel gap on your new Golf R make you cringe, but you don’t want to sacrifice ride quality and handling?  Well, we understand that you bought your R because you crave a high-performance, well-handling machine.  We also understand that you want to modify your ride without compromise.

That’s why Air Lift Performance developed the bag-over style, threaded body strut kit.  Not only does this monotube strut offer you a whole new world of adjustment—by simply changing the height of the lower strut mount—but it is also has 30 levels of damping adjustment to really help you conquer the track.  To help you reduce your lap times even further, we have included adjustable camber plates that utilize a high-quality spherical bearing.  This kit also retains the use of the front sway bar, so you no longer need to sacrifice handling to go low!

In the rear, we use double-bellows bags, along with brackets that simply bolt on to the chassis—no cutting required!  When you couple our smooth-riding bags with our 30-way damping adjustable shocks, you get the kind of drop, improved handling, and superb ride quality you are looking for out of your Golf R.

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Beetle (1998 – 2010 MK4)

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CC (2009 – 2014 4 Motion)

CC (2009 – 2014 FWD)
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