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MK 7 GTI (2013 – Current)

MK 7 GTI (2013 – Current)

When the first Volkswagens came to market, they were produced as a vehicle for the masses—simple, affordable, and economical to own. Fast-forward some 80-odd years and they have become highly sophisticated, technically advanced machines. As great as the new VW’s are, that does not stop us from wanting to make them even better! And by “better,” we mean “slammed on the ground.”

For starters, we added our smooth-riding, double-bellows air spring to a threaded body monotube strut. 30 levels of damping adjustment allow you go from race car stiff to a comfortable ride with the twist of a knob. Top all that off with a T6061 aluminum adjustable camber plate covered in a sexy red hue. All this equates to performance handling, killer ride quality and the ability to slam the front end 4.8” from stock.

The rear suspension was treated to a double-bellows air spring in the place of the factory coil spring, giving you a 5.8” drop from original stock height. We also replaced the factory OEM control arm with our industry-first, CNC laser-cut,robotically welded lower control arm to deliver maximum drop and cornering ability. To help keep things under control, we have added monotube shocks with 30 levels of damping adjustability to match the front—for the ultimate in handling and ride comfort!

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