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FIRESTONE Marsh Mellow

Constant Vibration Isolation with Changing Loads

The variable spring rate allows for a nearly constant natural frequency with changing loads. This results in consistent vibration isolation with variable loading.

High Load Carrying Capacity

Due to the Marsh Mellow® spring’s greater deflection capabilities and load carrying influences of the fabric reinforcement, it can carry a greater load when compared to an all rubber part of the same modulus and dimensions.

Excellent Vibration Isolation

Low natural frequencies provide excellent isolation offorced frequencies in the range of 800-1200 cycles per minute (13-20Hz).

Lateral Vibration Isolation

The lateral spring rate of a Marsh Mellow® spring can be less than the vertical spring rate, resulting in a lower lateral natural frequency. Marsh Mellow springs provide better vibration isolation in all degrees of freedom.

Compact Overall Size
The ability to support greater loads and maintain a cylindrical shape results in a smaller overall size of the Marsh Mellow spring compared to an all rubber spring with identical load capacity. This is important when considering an application with a small design envelope. Corrosion Resistant for a Durable, Long Life Due to its rubber and fabric reinforced construction, the Marsh Mellow spring has been proven in the damp and corrosive environments of mines and mills where a standard coil spring will fail.

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FIRESTONE Marsh Mellow
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