Air Springs on your next 4x4 trip

Road surfaces are seldom smooth when taking a 4×4 trip, potholes, speed bumps, uneven surfaces, gravel roads or sand dunes often pave the way for your holiday. Fitting your recreational vehicle with high quality air springs could get your vacation off to a smooth start. Air springs replace the old steel springs attached directly to the suspension fitted on your vehicle already.


Families of all sizes

Air springs like the Ride-Rite from Firestone can be easily adjusted according to the load your vehicle is taking, whether you are taking a solo trip or taking the whole family. These air springs can even be levelled from left to right, have a heavy passenger? Simply increase the air pressure accordingly.


Safety first

When 4x4ing the unexpected can happen at any second. Unpredictable surfaces create unpredictable responses from your vehicle. A level vehicle will result in better braking and better handling of the vehicle something any driver from novice to expert can benefit from.


Longer tire and suspension life

Not only will you find the handling of your vehicle is improved the longevity of the tires and suspension is also prolonged. The air springs reduces the stress on your vehicles suspension and tires reducing replacement time quite significantly.


Install it at home

Air springs like Ride-Rite can be fitted by you at home or by a professional. If you know your way around your 4×4 or vehicle your air spring needs to be installed on. Using the step by step installation guide you will find the installation simple. If you are not a petrol head, then best leave it to the professionals.


Air Supply is ready to provide you with a smooth ride on your next 4×4 trip

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