Why Air Springs Suspension Is Important

Air Springs Technology Defined

Airlift performance is an important factor in vehicles and some machines, including on-road and off-road vehicles.

Air springs suspension in buses contains an air compressor, air supply tank, levelling valves, among a whole host of other components.

By allowing for pressure to be taken into consideration, the suspension will ensure that the vehicle height remains level as a load is applied.

If this system did not exist, the bottom of the vehicle could be as low as touching the ground if enough of a load is applied to it.

Regardless of the weight being applied to the vehicle by a load, including when the load is removed, the airlift performance of the suspension ensures that the vehicle will remain at a fixed height.

This also ensures that there is no kickback when a heavy load is removed, if this was the case, there could be a lot of damage done to the vehicle itself, the driver and passengers, and things contained in the vehicle.

Vehicle air springs suspension suppliers ensure that their product is tested and has passed the requirements in terms of being able to do the job of baring a load and ensure vehicle height is maintained.

Although air springs suspension has only really been around since the 1950s, their rise in popularity and in necessity has made it a product which is in almost every vehicle.

Of course, some vehicles do not use air suspension, with some using the normal suspension, however, the favoured choice for the longest time has been air springs suspension.

Is Air Springs Suspension Better?

Every vehicle has some sort of suspension system, be it a normal suspension system or an air springs suspension system.

Both normal and air suspension have their features which may make it more favourable to what you are looking for.

A question, when looking at what is the difference between air suspension and normal suspension, is if there is even really a difference.

The answer to this is most definitely a yes, as depending on where you will be driving and the type of vehicle it is, will mean which suspension system is more suited.

In terms of buses and trucks, airlift performance supplied by air suspension is much more favourable because of the amount of load that these vehicles are under.

Being one of the most important parts of a car, bus or truck, the suspension system, whether it is an air spring suspension system or not, with metal springs being the most common type of suspension.

A vehicle air springs suspension supplier, such as Air Spring Supply,  will look to supply your buses, trucks and trailers with the highest quality suspension system, which will work for a longer period of time.

Airlift performance is dependent on the springs and shock absorbers of the entire system which, allows for more bounce, wheel mobility, and the vibration of the whole structure.

Air Spring Supply Company has been in the game for a number of years, ensuring that the South African air suspension market is being given the best quality air suspension, at good prices and with the ability to last longer than other types of suspension systems.

Air suspension ensures that you are driving in a vehicle with peak comfort and overall better driving experience.

Technological advancement has helped in order to tweak the air springs suspension for different weight and sized vehicles.

Trucks, trailers and buses have their own specifically designed air springs suspension systems which ensure that the drivability is perfect, especially when bearing heaving loads.

These above-mentioned vehicles have used air spring suspension as this type of airlift performance works better for heavier, larger vehicles. However, more and more everyday cars have also incorporated air suspension as it smoothens out the ride and makes the car far more stable.

Air suspension has made it possible for the assurance that cars will not be able to flip, or at the very least will make it extremely difficult for a car to flip.

Turning, whether with a big load or not, has become far easier and much more controlled with the advent and installation of air suspension.

If the roads are wet or are in a bad condition, air springs suspension allows for the vehicle to absorb any of the shocks and counteract the environment, helping the vehicle to stay in a controlled state.

Air springs suspension suppliers supply typically to companies and brands which sell buses, trucks and trailers, as these vehicles will usually be holding a lot of weight.

With the rise of electronic systems in vehicles, the sensors and various other devices help air suspension systems, working together to provide a positive driving experience.

Of course, an air springs suspension system costs more to replace if one is to break, however, the safety aspect which the system provides makes spending a little more far easier.

Air spring supply companies focus a lot on testing their systems as if a system is faulty it will not function the way it is meant to.

If you would like to know more, contact Air Spring Supply Company for more information on getting your hands on quality air springs for your buses, trucks and trailers.

Air Suspension Systems Compared To Coil Springs

If your goal is to race your souped-up car around a track at high speeds and with very little care about bumps, coil springs work much better as the whole point is for you to control the car in these circumstances.

However, if the goal is to be able to drive comfortably and have bumps on the road feel as if they are non-existent, then air springs suspension will be much better for you.

This not only applies to buses, trucks and trailers, as most cars are made for comfort over racing quality.

There are two camps of thought, purists who believe that coil springs are the best form of springs that will ever be designed, and those who believe that air springs suspension offers exactly what coil springs offer, and more.

Airlift performance allows for your car to be able to hold itself much better and far more surfaces, with the balance and adjustability of air suspension combatting against whatever is on that surface.

Moving away from off-road racing vehicles onto everyday vehicles, the forces which a vehicle will be under is much lower than that of a racing surface.

However, the fact that air springs suspension is able to work well in both on and off-road surfaces makes it a system which is versatile and reliable regardless of where you are.

It may come as no surprise that most vehicles we drive today on the roads have air suspension installed into them as they ensure without a doubt that airlift performance will help cars on the road no matter the situation.

Driving performance is what we all care about and especially if your business is based on quality driving performance, smooth-riding and quick internal reactions, the air spring suspension work way better than coil springs, while also adding that always welcome benefit of comfort.

Coil springs still have their place as they are able to work better on mountainous areas, with a lot of debris and materials on the road, counteracting their attempts to imbalance the vehicle.

Not all of us drive off-road and most of us wouldn’t want to. If you’re a business who is supplying service which delivers or transports items and products from one place to another, the road is what you will be using.

Yes, the road has its bumps and potholes, however, compared to the off-road, the airlift performance will help the vehicle to overcome these bumps and will help the driver stay stable with any unforeseen circumstances.

A good air spring supply company is focused on giving you the right air suspension system at the right price and with varying ready to go, be installed and have you on the road in no time.

A company that prides themselves in top quality delivery will always highlight where they can improve and how they can better their products.

Air Spring Supply Company will ensure that your trucks, buses and trailers will be optimised for long journeys while providing comfort to your drivers.


Why Trucks Use Air Spring Suspension

As we’ve mentioned before the one big benefit of using air springs suspension in trucks is the factor of comfort.

If you think about it, truck drivers are usually driving long distances for long periods of time and if their journey is more uncomfortable than it has to be, their entire journey is not only more challenging but is also more dangerous in terms of their overall health.

From increased fatigue to a bad back, as well as the potential of hearing loss due to the loudness of the truck, comfortably is much more important to driving than you may think.

Fatigue is a very important factor as it can literally put your driver and others on the road at a huge risk.

What you want out of your driver is what you should want out of the truck that they are driving, efficiency and reliability.

The truth is that by ensuring that your trucks have air springs suspension, your drivers will be less likely to take off work because of aches and pains because the comfort level has been vastly improved.

The truck itself is less susceptible to breakages and faults as the air springs are made to produce fewer vibrations and more stability, meaning that the entire truck or trailer is less prone to breaks and bumps.

Tyres will also be improved in terms of its lifespan as the air springs suspension is able to smoothen out the impact on the wheels.

Airlift performance is also a major help in terms of ensuring that the load is able to be spread over the entire truck or trailer, while also being able to hold the weight in a way which still maintains the stability of the vehicle.

If you are a business, trucks which have air suspension will also sell much quicker, and at a higher value, than those that do not.

This helps you in terms of having assets which will still benefit you after you have acquired them.

Choosing The Right Supplier


Cost is always a factor, especially for businesses, and where air springs suspension may cost more, you get more out of it, for a longer time, and with added benefits to your trucks, trailers and buses.

Overall the cost will pay for itself as spending a little more will save you in terms of costs for repairs on the system and the vehicle in the long run.

Choosing the right air spring supply company can be difficult, but by looking at what they have to offer will help you to make your decision.


Make sure that you are working with a business, such as Air Spring Supply, who is not only majorly effective in getting your supply to you at the right quantity and in the time frame stated, but also supplies the best quality air spring suspension systems.

Contact Air Spring Supply For More Information

Finding the right air spring supply company will benefit you greatly as it means you are getting top quality suspension systems, at a good price and with little to no chance of installing a faulty product on your buses, trucks or trailers.

If you’re looking for top-quality air suspension, contact Air Spring Supply Company.

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