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Air suspension basics

In an air suspension, air springs are hollow, inflatable rubber bags used in place of ordinary coil steel springs. These rubber bags are flexible and can absorb and dampen bumps, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride for the vehicle’s occupants. In addition, air springs offer a variable spring rate for increased stiffness if they are more compressed.

Some vehicles have an air bladder is incorporated into a shock for additional dampening or ride height control.

Common air suspension problems

Air suspension problems can be categorised as:

  • Electrical problems relate to height sensors, module control circuit air spring solenoids, compressor or vent solenoid, and compressor relay. The system’s self-diagnostic procedures and different volt/ohm checks can isolate these issues. The solution is replacing the faulty wiring or component or readjusting height sensors.
  • Air supply problems result from a bad compressor or spring solenoids or leaky or obstructed air lines. A visual inspection combined with a self-test can accurately diagnose the problem. While a faulty compressor or solenoid must be replaced, splicing can repair the damaged air lines. You also need to change the dryer to protect the new unit from moisture when replacing a compressor.
  • Air springs may be deflated, damaged, leaking, or have unfolded springs. With air springs, it is not necessary to replace them in pairs. Instead, you can replace the damaged springs as an individual assembly. Unfolded springs should be carefully inspected for cuts or cracks before you reinflate them.
  • It is crucial to ensure that the air source for the compressor is always clean and dry. Compressed air results in a liquid from the water vapour within the air. As a result, corrosion or freezing can damage your system if the water isn’t removed from it. Generally, compressors systems have a dryer connected to the compressor outlet to any moisture through a desiccant like silica gel. When the desiccant is saturated, water will pass into the system.

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