The Benefits of Using Air Springs on Your Vehicle

There are many different types of suspension systems that you can have fitted to your vehicle for a more comfortable and safe ride. They all come with their own unique sets of advantages and drawbacks, and they are all well suited to different scenarios. Air springs are one type that have a lot to offer motorists. Here are just a few reasons why you should get into contact with an air spring supplier in South Africa to get some for yourself.

Improved Front-Rear Balancing

Vehicles are often uneven in terms of the height of the back of the car in relation to the front, an imbalance which is not only an eyesore, but can also put unnecessary strain on your vehicle while it is in operation. This is called squat, and can pose particular dangers when towing, since the tow-bar may be at too low an angle to be used properly.

Air springs eliminate squat for better balance since they can be adjusted accordingly, with relative ease.

Proper Distribution of Weight for Better Handling

Reducing the squat will also ensure that the weight of your vehicle is properly distributed. This in turn will enhance your ride by making braking and steering more effective, since the front tyres won’t be taking the bulk of the weight of your car.

Better Alignment for Trailers

Air springs, and their ability to produce a more stable ride, also make towing a trailer or caravan much safer. They significantly reduce sway when driving, contributing to a comfortable and safe drive for you, whatever you are towing, and for your passengers.

Enjoy a Smoother Ride

Air springs absorb a staggering amount of input from the road, which means that you will be able to drive in more comfort when using them. Additionally, they reduce the body-roll of your vehicle by improving its stability and lowering its centre of gravity. This means that your vehicle will hold the road more comfortably, contributing to its safety as well.

Contact the Air Spring Supply Company for Details

If you would like to know more about sourcing air springs for commercial, heavy and recreational vehicles, be sure to contact a representative from the Air Spring Supply Company today, or visit our website for further details.

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