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What Determines the Condition of your Air Spring System?

Air springs products offer a superior suspension solution for your vehicle that ensures the best handling, improved safety, and an all-round more comfortable drive. However, much like any other system in your vehicle, they are prone to failure after extensive use. With the right maintenance and servicing you can extend the life of air springs… Continue Reading

About Our Family Run Company

Our company started out in 1983 working with design engineers from different industries such as Mining, Paper Mills, Trailer manufacturers and recreational vehicles. Our exciting and active team have been providing interesting and challenging but easy to install products to the transport industry. Our remarkable Products We assist with lowering suspensions, providing springs to heavy… Continue Reading

Road surfaces are seldom smooth when taking a 4×4 trip, potholes, speed bumps, uneven surfaces, gravel roads or sand dunes often pave the way for your holiday. Fitting your recreational vehicle with high quality air springs could get your vacation off to a smooth start. Air springs replace the old steel springs attached directly to… Continue Reading

Springing into style

One of my favourite hobbies is driving. When you get the chance, a place far away from traffic and nonsense, just you and the open road. With the wind hitting your face, it just seems to blow all the worries that once seemed to rule our lives. Hobbies all have their perks but sometimes we… Continue Reading

A Spring in Your Step with Air Springs

For 4×4 and other recreational vehicle enthusiasts, busses, trucks and trailers for FMCG Industries and related business operations, air springs have targeted benefits related to safe load carrying capacity that make them the superior choice when compared to regular coil springs. If you have been looking for new or used trucks, trailers or 4x4s, chances… Continue Reading

New Kits Available Inquire in Store for pricing Download PDF Document for kit description AIR ALERT 01 2019 CS 1001 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200 VX 2008 AIR ALERT 02 2019 CS1002 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200 VX 2008 RAISED SUSPENSION AIR ALERT 03 2019 CS1004 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 70 76 79 LDV 1 AIR ALERT 04… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Using Air Springs on Your Vehicle

There are many different types of suspension systems that you can have fitted to your vehicle for a more comfortable and safe ride. They all come with their own unique sets of advantages and drawbacks, and they are all well suited to different scenarios. Air springs are one type that have a lot to offer… Continue Reading

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