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What are Coilovers?

Coilover’s, or Coil-Spring suspension is a shock absorber with a coil spring encircling the shock, which are joined as a unit before they’re installed in a vehicle, as opposed to on many vehicles where the coilovers are separate. Coilovers typically allow for a massive drop in ride height and are the best solution if “maximum handling performance” is the goal of your build for your vehicle.

There are two main types of coilover suspension. A full coilover and slip-on coilover suspension. Full coilovers are suited up with a shock from the factory, whereas slip on coilovers are really just adjustable coil springs. Not all coilover suspension brands are created identical, be cautious of lesser systems from no-name manufacturers as they may not achieve or ride as well as a quality coilover suspension system.

What is Air Bag Suspension/Air Suspension?

It is often referred to as “Air Bag Suspension” or that vehicle is “On Bags” which varies from hydraulic kits. The installed compressor pumps the air into a flexible rubber bags, which inflates and raises the chassis of your vehicle from the axle. If you want to be as low as imaginable when you park at a show and have the car really cram the wheels into the fenders, Air Suspension/Air Bag Suspension is for you. If you have a big heavy vehicle and desire an extremely smooth ride, air ride suspension is for you. If you have a classic Muscle vehicle and you want it to handle well, An Air Ride System such as the one offered by Air Spring Supply Company is probably right for you.

For excellent assistance with getting the perfect Coilovers or Air Suspension, get in touch with us at Air Spring Supply Company. We are based in Johannesburg and Durban, with 35 years of experience in the industry, we get the job done with the best results possible.

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