What Determines the Condition of your Air Spring System?

Air springs products offer a superior suspension solution for your vehicle that ensures the best handling, improved safety, and an all-round more comfortable drive. However, much like any other system in your vehicle, they are prone to failure after extensive use.

With the right maintenance and servicing you can extend the life of air springs significantly, but the condition of the following related components still counts for a lot of their performance.

The Condition of the Compressor

The compressor in the air spring system is responsible for keeping the system properly inflated. It is one of the most important components in the system, and as such, its condition is directly related to the performance of your air springs.

After extensive use you may find that the suspension of your vehicle seems uneven, or that the vehicle sits lower than it should. This likely points to a need for replacements or repairs.

The Airs Springs Themselves

After some time you may notice a lowering in the comfort of your vehicle when driving it, and it could point to a failure in your air springs.

Over time, their rubber seals will wear down and may begin to crack. When this happens, air will begin to escape the system and your suspension may malfunction as a result.

The Air Dryer

Compressors take on moisture as they draw in and compress air, which makes the air dryer component an essential part of the system, since it ensures that this moisture is removed. Should failure of the air dryer occur, corrosion may well set in on the compressor, causing severe damage to it.

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