Our company started out in 1983 working with design engineers from different industries such as Mining, Paper Mills, Trailer manufacturers and recreational vehicles. Our exciting and active team have been providing interesting and challenging but easy to install products to the transport industry.

Our remarkable Products

We assist with lowering suspensions, providing springs to heavy trucks and buses, light commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles and to the Industrial and Agricultural sector.

The air suspension system is when the vehicles coil is upgraded and enclosed in a flexible rubber membrane which is easily inflated and deflated to instantly regulate the suspension for manageability and comfort. This provides all the benefits of coil overs but is far superior in its flexibility. You may adjust ride height whilst in motion by touching a button should you need to clear road obstacles.

Reasons Why Air Lift Performance is your best choice

They are a reliable Air Spring Supply company with a history of carrying excellent quality products. This is a brand you can rely on for best performance and style. These products are meticulously tested for the best presentation on the track.

Performance Series

These are the finest air suspension kits for your vehicle.  They are lightweight monotube shocks/struts with 30-level adjustable damping and perfect alignment. Their threaded bodies and adjustable mounts allow you to adjust factory set heights without forfeiting the suspension travel.

 Firestone RideRite for Commercial Travel

Firestone produces a RideRite spring made for safe load carrying and stability.  These are manufactured in the USA with the same technology provided to heavy duty trucks, trailers and buses that require industrial category strength. This commercial grade spring assists with levelling of a load, which improves steering control, braking and reduces tire wear and tear.

Where to find us

Contact Air Spring Supply Company for advice on the exciting products we can offer your ride making your journey safer and more comfortable. We have the best brands available for you to choose from.  We are a South African based company with branches in Durban and Johannesburg.


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