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Industrial and Agricultural

Firestone Airstroke Actuators

Firestone Actuators have long been used in the industrial market as pneumatic actuators. They have been incorporated into both the new and innovative machinery designs.

Furthermore, they are often used as replacement actuators for traditional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

They have advantages over traditional cylinders. Firestone Actuators are durable, operate well in corrosive and abrasive environments, easily accept misalignment and have a high ratio of stroke to collapsed height.

Why use Firestone Actuators

Generally, initial cost is one-half or less than conventional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders of the same force capabilities. This initial cost advantage is many times greater in the larger sizes.
Airstroke actuators are available in sizes ranging from 2.2 inches (56mm) to 37 inches (940mm) in diameter. The force capability is 100,000 pounds (45 Tons). Strokes of up to 14 inches (360mm) are possible.

Firestone Actuators are a further application of Firestone’s time proven Airide springs for truck and bus suspensions. The long life and durability necessary for millions of miles of heavy duty suspension use under adverse environmental conditions are also important factors in machine design.

Last but not least, the system requires no maintenance or lubrication.

Firestone Airmount™Isolators

Firestone Airmount™ Isolators provide the highest degree of vibration isolation of any isolator on the market.

Firestone Airmount Isolators are versatile and not only work to isolate delicate objects from external vibrations. The systems are able to support vibrating loads and prevent its energy from disturbing the surroundings.

Airmount Isolators reduce structural noise, are available in a wide range of sizes, and extend equipment life through their superior isolation capabilities. Airmount Isolators-a great alternative to conventional coil springs and other types of isolators.

Industrial Isolator Applications – Marsh Mellow

Marsh Mellow is the trade name of fabric and rubber spring developed by Firestone Industrial Products in the early 1970’s.

Rubber springs have long been a subject of interest in the vehicular suspension and industrial application fields because of their reliability, corrosion resistance, low cost, and basic simplicity.

The concept has been tried with varying degrees of success over the years.

Advantages of Firestone Marsh Mellow Springs

Constant Vibration Isolation with Changing Loads – The variable spring rate allows for a nearly constant natural frequency with changing loads. This results in consistent vibration isolation with variable loading.

High Load Carrying Capacity – Due to the Marsh Mellow spring’s greater deflection capabilities and load carrying influences of the fabric reinforcement, it can carry a greater load when compared to an all rubber part of the same modules and dimensions.

Excellent Vibration Isolation – Low natural frequencies provide excellent isolation of forced frequencies in the range of 800-1200 cycles per minute (13-20Hz).

Lateral Vibration Isolation – The lateral spring rate of a Marsh Mellow spring can be less than the vertical spring rate, resulting in a lower lateral natural frequency.

Marsh Mellow springs provide better vibration isolation in all degrees of freedom.

Compact Overall Size – The ability to support greater loads and maintain a cylindrical shape results in a smaller overall size of the Marsh Mellow spring compared to an all rubber spring with identical load capacity. This is important when considering an application with a small design envelope.

Corrosion Resistant for a Durable, Long Life – Due to its rubber and fabric reinforced construction, the Marsh Mellow spring has been proven on the damp and corrosive environments of mines and mills where a standard coil spring will fail.

Does Not Bottom-Out – Due to the rubber construction, Marsh Mellow springs do not bottom-out like coil springs. Bottoming-out under overload or surge load sends a large amount of stress to all of the machine’s components.

Eliminates Downtime and Potential Damage to Machinery – When a coil spring fails, it will often crack allowing fragments of the coil to damage equipment. This problem is eliminated with the rubber construction of Marsh Mellow springs. Additionally, Marsh Mellow springs exhibit exceptionally high overload characteristics and usually do not fail catastrophically, offering some support even during failure.



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