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Recreational Vehicles

Firestone Air Helper Springs – RideRite – are designed to maximise safe load carrying capacity, stability, and overall ride quality. The Air Springs used in RideRite kits are designed and assembled in the USA.

RideRite air springs use the same Firestone technology used on many heavy duty trucks, trailers, and buses on the road today. That means in addition to Firestone’s reputation for commercial grade durability, quality, reliability, and service, you’ll get:

Adjustability by increasing or decreasing the air pressure inside the air springs your vehicle can be levelled from no load to full load and anything in between.

Levels vehicle through the improvement of steering control and braking effectiveness, level headlight beams and reduce tire wear.

Levels Off-Centre Loads as the vehicle can be levelled from side to side as well as from front to rear.

Reduces suspension fatigue which keeps leaf springs from permanent sagging under repeated or constant load.

Reduces bottoming out as there is a protective air cushion installed which softens contact between the axle and frame.

Increases vehicle stability through the absorbtion of road shock. This provides ideal ride conditions for your passengers and load.

How it works

Ride-Rite air helper springs utilize a pair of convoluted air springs, which can be adjusted for changing loads. These pair of Firestone air springs are capable of 1 500 KG of load levelling capacity. RideRite air helper springs enhance the ride by reducing inter-leaf friction.

Please remember that air springs do not increase the load carrying capacity of your vehicle.


Installation Basics

RideRite air helper springs is installed between the frame of the vehicle and the suspension, providing load support through the use of air pressure.

Ride-Rite Basic Kits

We offer everything you need for comprehensive ride-rite kits for installation in light trucks, SUVs, bakkies, and more, to maximise vehicle safety and load carrying capacity.

These kits include the following items:

  • Top and bottom Brackets
  • 2x Air springs
  • 5m x ¼”Tubing
  • Hose cutter
  • Sleeving 5m
  • Bolts, nuts, washers, etc.
  • Allen key
  • Clamps
  • 7 shake
  • Pressure strokes


Part number Description Application
AS-1001 KIT – LIGHT DUTY 01- Single cab control, 12V 15% duty cycle, 8 BAR (VIAIR) compressor. Inflate Air Helper Springs only
AS-1002 KIT – LIGHT DUTY 02 – Dual cab control, 12 V 15% duty cycle, 8 BAR (VIAIR) compressor. Inflate Air Helper Springs only
AS-1003 KIT – MEDIUM DUTY 01 – Single cab control, 12V 33% duty cycle, 8 BAR (VIAIR) compressor+-53L/MIN @ 3 BAR, 6m hose pack. Inflate Air Helper Springs and tyres as well.
AS-1004 KIT – MEDIUM DUTY 02 – Dual cab control, 12V 33% duty cycle, 8 BAR (VIAIR) compressor, 6m hose pack, Suspension & tyres
AS-1005 KIT – HEAVY DUTY 01 – Single cab control, 12V 100% duty cycle, 8 BAR (VIAIR) compressor +-29L/MIN @ 3BAR, 6m hose pack, INCLUDING a 7.5L air tank. All applications
AS-1006 KIT – HEAVY DUTY 02 – Dual cab control, 12V 100% duty cycle, 8 BAR (VIAIR) compressor, 6m hose pack, INCLUDING a 7.5L air tank. +-29L/MIN @ 3BAR COMPRESSOR. All applications
AS-1007 KIT – MEDIUM DUTY 01-Single cab control, 12V 33% duty cycle, 8 BAR (VIAIR) compressor, 6m hose pack, INCLUDING a 7.5L air tank. +-53L/MIN @ 3BAR COMPRESSOR. Suspension & tyres
AS-1008 KIT – MEDIUM DUTY 02-Dual cab control, 12V 33% duty cycle, 8 BAR compressor +-53L/MIN @ 3BAR COMPRESSOR., 6m hose pack, INCLUDING a 7.5L air tank. Suspension & tyres

Technical Tips

Air spring alignment is important to the operation of your air helper spring kit. Upon installation, visually align the air spring. Most kits allow for adjustment of the upper and lower brackets to assist in making the air springs vertical. In most instances, position the upper and lower brackets so that they are parallel. Remember to maintain proper design height. Refer to the installation manual for kit-specific procedures.

Firestone’s push-to-connect air fittings are extremely easy to use. Once the length of the air line has been selected to span the distance from the air springs to the inflation valves, simply use a sharp knife or tubing cutter (9009) to cut the air line as square as possible (Do NOT use side cutters or other devices that may smash the end of the air line). Then push the air line into the fitting as far as possible.

After installing your air helper spring kit, make sure you have at least 1/2” of clearance around the entire air spring when infl ated. A good rule of thumb is to use the thickness of your hand and feel around the entire air spring. If your hand comes in contact with anything on the vehicle, you may have an interference issue. If the object can be moved, relocate it. If the object cannot be moved, contact Firestone for further assistance.

Firestone offers a wide range of air accessory systems for all your air helper spring requirements. Some quick tips that apply to all Firestone air accessories:

All compressors are direct drive units (NO oil or belts). This means the compressor can be mounted in any position without detriment to the compressor.

In systems using tanks, when connecting the compressor to a positive wire on the vehicle, make sure the wire is ignition activated. This will eliminate the possibility of the compressor running while the vehicle is turned off, draining your battery.

The compressor can be mounted under the hood or on the frame rail behind a cross member. In order to allow enough air flow to the compressor, place the unit in a well protected area free from debris and large amounts of water.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How much air pressure should be in the air helper springs?
Air pressure requirements vary based upon application and personal preference. Refer to the installation manual included with the kit.
Do the air helper springs improve the ride?
When the vehicle is loaded, the air helper springs help the existing suspension carry the load and improve the ride a great deal. With the minimum pressure in an unloaded vehicle, there will be no change to the ride.
Do the air helper springs replace the existing suspension?
The air helper springs are attached to the existing suspension. NOTHING IS REMOVED OR ALTERED.
Do the air helper springs increase the payload capacity of my vehicle?
The air helper springs do not alter a vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating. Never exceed the manufacturer’s GVWR.
Will the air helper springs stabilize my vehicle?
Yes, air pressure adjustment will allow you to provide the exact amount of spring support to match the load, providing a level & stable vehicle.
Should there be air pressure in the air helper springs while the vehicle is empty?
There should always be air pressure in the air helper springs.
What is included in a basic kit?
Everything is included for a quick, easy installation. Brackets, air springs, hardware, air line, and infl ation valves for manual inflation are all included. Optional air accessories are available for all applications, see page 14.
Can there be different air pressures in each air spring?
Yes, you can have different air pressures in each air helper spring. Ride-Rite™, Sport-Rite™, and Coil-Rite™ kits come with two inflation valves for individual inflation.

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