A Spring in Your Step with Air Springs

For 4×4 and other recreational vehicle enthusiasts, busses, trucks and trailers for FMCG Industries and related business operations, air springs have targeted benefits related to safe load carrying capacity that make them the superior choice when compared to regular coil springs.

If you have been looking for new or used trucks, trailers or 4x4s, chances are you have noticed air suspension as a part of the standard or optional features list. Not only would air suspension be a great decision, but the option exists to modify your coil springs to air ones.

How They Work

An air spring is essentially a load carrying system. On busses, the system comprises of an air compressor, air-supply tank, check valves, levelling valves, bellows and piping to connect all of these components. Air spring bellows are columns of air within a rubber or fabric container. To maintain vehicle height under increased load, the check valves supply surplus air from the air-supply tank to the bellows. When the load is released, the levelling valves discharge excess air to prevent the vehicle from rising.

An air spring is versatile under normal loads and creates more tension to support the compression under heavier loads

The Benefits

Air suspension that works with air springs are an intelligent design that allow the vehicle to remain at a fixed height, regardless of the load it is carrying. Not only does this create a safer load carrying capacity, but it; increases comfort, improves driveability and road handling, reduces wind resistance, decreases fuel consumption, improves towing capabilities and helps the vehicle to filter unevenness in the road by absorbing shock better, all the while, creating a more consistent drive overall.

As an added bonus, most air springs come with versatility and adjustability for a more targeted drive designed for either gentle cruising or taking on harsher terrain.

Find Your Perfect Air Spring Solution

Whether your business relies heavily on safely carrying varying load capacities, or if you are a recreational driver looking to improve the comfort and functionality of your vehicle, Air Spring Supply Company can find solutions tailored to your needs.

For the African adventurers, they are an air spring product supplier conveniently located in South Africa. Contact them today or visit their website.

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