Full Air Suspension

We have developed a wide range of Full Air Suspension Systems for many applications. Our suspension systems offer a smooth comfortable ride, lowering facility, multiple ride heights are user friendly. Your applications suspension is the system of parts that connects the chassis to the wheels and axel, thus isolating it from the road, allowing for relative motion in addition to supporting the full weight of your application, suspension systems ride height, handling, and ride quality.

We have worked on three applications for the Conqueror Off-Road Caravan range. The newest been a full air suspension replacement kit for the Recee range and we supply full air suspension kits for the UEV range as well. Furthermore, we developed an in-coil air helper system for the Conqueror commander and companion series and manufactured a heavy-duty load helper solution for the same application.

Air suspension is the only suspension choice that allows you to easily adjust ride height on the fly with the touch of a button. When your application is equipped with full air suspension, you can:

Performance full air suspension

When it comes to achieving the perfect stance for your vehicle, you have three options: lowering springs, coilovers or air suspension. For years, coilovers were the preferred solution because of their adjustable damping and in some cases, ride height. Today, performance air suspension provides all the same benefits as coilovers, but is unmatched in its versatility and adjustability.

Airlift Performance Series air suspension kits are the ultimate suspension choice for your ride. All applications feature lightweight monotube shocks/struts with 30-level adjustable damping. Adjustable camber plates are integrated into most struts for perfect alignment or wheel fitment and are engineered with high quality spherical bearing upper mounts, providing instant damper response.

Another great feature is that the Performance Series shocks/struts have threaded bodies with adjustable mounts; this allows you to alter the factory set heights to better suit your situation without sacrificing suspension travel. The huge range of damping matched with their progressive rate air springs, allows you to have a comfortable ride on the highway and with the twist of the damping knob, you have a track-ready suspension poised to cut a fast lap.

Everything about the Performance Series kits is geared towards maximizing your vehicle’s suspension: lowest drop, best ride, lowest weight, most adjustability, and incredible handling. All proven on racetracks and back roads around the world.

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