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Whatever your job involves, we have the air springs to make it run better, smoother and more efficiently. Between rugged actuators that make heavy lifting easier, isolators that keep vibration from moving to unwanted areas, we work hard to find an effective solution from our wide array of products and experience.

While Firestone is most associated with transportation, sophisticated rubber and fabric products provide solutions for a broad range of industrial and non-vehicular applications from agriculture and packaging to construction and mining. Our air springs help these industries and more, by increasing efficiency, reducing vibrations and improving operations.

Air springs are rubber and fabric bellows inflated with compressed air that provide force, motion, stability and protection. Constructed to be an incredibly durable option in the market, they contain no moving parts, are friction-free and function in harsh environments to greatly reduce vibrations.

The following highlight how our products are a technological solution for countless challenges across a range of applications:


Air springs are invaluable in the material handling industry thanks to their seemingly limitless applications. They’ve been an essential part of conveyors for years due to their strength and resiliency. Ideal for applications needing a compact but mighty solution, air springs are engineered with small dimensions and can fit into spaces no larger than 50mm. They’re also the ideal augmentation for floor-mounted conveyor systems as other types of springs may require expensive modifications to flooring. Air springs can also be used in scissor lifts, vibratory packers, bag flatteners, roller friction brakes on conveyors and countless other applications.


Our cooperation in the forestry industry demonstrates the true versatility of air spring technology. Before application to forestry itself, air springs provided a better alternative to hydraulic systems in paper mills that were prone to poor performance and frequent oil leaks. Eventually, this knowledge transferred from one area to the next. Air springs now work in the forest products industry in a number of ways, including handling and conveying logs which can vary greatly by weight and size.


The construction and mining industries present some of the most daunting conditions of all. Dirty, dusty and wet operations plague equipment with rust and corrosion that lead to broken parts. Products like Marsh Mellow™ springs are perfectly suited to these kinds of extreme challenges and have been utilized in equipment such as vibrating screens. In addition to being a sealed unit closed off to dirt and debris, a Marsh Mellow spring is a variable-rate spring that can handle differences in load while delivering vibration isolation.


As agriculture faces ever-growing demands to produce food cost-effectively while keeping up with population growth worldwide, we’re supplying the answers to help. Since land surfaces are often uneven and soil density can change frequently in the same field, an air spring is an ideal alternative technology. Because being off by even a few centimetres in planting is critical, our Airstroke™ actuator aids in sowing seeds at the correct depth. And since the air springs are enclosed, they won’t succumb to harsh farming environments from pervasive dirt and dust, to prolonged moisture.

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