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Air Spring Supply Company

For over 35 years, the Air Spring Supply Company has positioned itself as an industry leading team of specialised suppliers of air spring products in SA.

We offer a diverse range of specialised products for a complete range of vehicles, including recreational, light commercial, heavy buses, trucks, and industrial or agricultural vehicles.

We work with leading brands in our industry to provide products to our broad spectrum of clients that meets the unique needs of their industry or intended usage.

This ensures that all our offers are characterized by quality, reliability, and exceptional value for money.


We offer a complete range of accessories and suspension solutions for a range of vehicle types, all from world-leading manufacturers with a history of absolute product excellence.

This ensures the best possible value for money for our clients, regardless of the solutions they opt for.

These offers include selections from brands like Firestone, Fabio, Drive Rite, Arnott, Airstroke, Airmount, Airmax, and more.


We offer a complete range of products for various types of vehicles, which makes us a leading team of air spring product suppliers in SA.

These offers include the following:


We supply a range of specialized air spring accessories including air down gauges, portable compressors, tyre gauges, and more.

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